Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Josie Photo Shoot (2) Pt. 1

This summer has held a great number of surprises, but I think my youngest cousin has offered me the greatest yet. I knew she was interested in acting, but I never knew she was also interested in modeling until I asked her to help me out and learned first hand! I really enjoy using her as a model because she takes direction really well and (best of all) she remembers the critiques I give her! She still has a lot to learn, but for a girl her age she is really above the rest in my opinion.

This shoot was centered around the hardware sign that's painted in my small hometown. I've always been attracted to the sign for some reason, watching it closely every time I drove past it, and finally I was able to use it in a shoot! I brought out a few props, just to try to balance the composition a bit and give the eye more to look at. It was extremely hot that day with direct sunlight burning down on our skin, but the harsh effect was a fun challenge to work with. I tried a few different color temperatures with the pictures and edited each quite differently according to where they were shot. All-in-all, this was a fun shoot and I was able to learn some good techniques while balancing the sun, composition, and model positioning!

Part two should be up soon! *Update: Part two can be found here (CLICK).

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