Sunday, August 31, 2014

Can Someone Tell Me Where This Train Is Heading?

What do I want to say? What am I thinking? I so easily become stuck in my own mind, which is not always a negative, but often leads to my exterior wall cracking. I spent a long three months at home, away from the bustle of people and the forceful opinions which ride along from being around other people. I did feel bored at times, not really having a purpose at home, and kind of just floated along each day. I would write, photograph, cook, and dance whenever I felt like it. It was nice. I could think. I could breathe. However, I've only been back to school for a week and I just (at this exact moment) realized I haven't been breathing. I've been in a constant state of trying to catch up to my lungs as they pump my body through the day. Ever since I was young I've known I am not the type of person who can function in a 9-to-5 setting. I become numb very quickly. What this means is that after three months of being myself, within a short week that progress had almost vanished.

So, what do I do? I want to finish what I've started and I know the "real world" will be less forgiving than University, but what do I do when my mind begins to numb? I suppose there is no true answer. I guess I'm not really looking for an answer. I'm just throwing this out there. whoooosh Look, you can almost see my thoughts be fanned away along with the sweat from this hot summer night.

Finished The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner a few nights ago and it was fantastic. FANTASTIC. I am currently in search for the second book in the series and deeply considering buying it instead of waiting to borrow it from my sister. I think it's funny when books are labeled "young adult" and automatically people don't select a certain book because of the section it's placed in. It's a bit ridiculous, especially when you run across one as wonderful as the selection above (though I do admit I am embarrassed when I'm carrying around a library book with an "accelerated reader" sticker over it's spine).

Currently I'm reading Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner and it is also a very intriguing novel. I'm about a third of the way finished (which may change greatly by tomorrow morning) and it's in one of those writing styles that you didn't even know you missed reading until you've begun reading it. Does that make sense? Anyway, I'm really enjoying it, especially because it isn't similar to anything I normally read.

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