Thursday, August 7, 2014

An Update By a Blogger Who Doesn't Update Much

Ok, wow, I actually forgot I had a blog for the past month. Whether it's because I haven't really been taking pictures or because my day is comprised of eating, sleeping, and other various sitting activities, my blog updates this summer have been less than exciting. My poor camera must feel very lonely.

However that's not to say I'm not doing anything, even though I haven't been documenting the progress on this website! I've been writing quite a lot lately and am hoping to finish my first novel in the next few weeks (not because I have a book deal or anything close to one) which is exciting on a personal level as it will feel good to finish a full piece of work. I'm also beginning my last year (finger crossed, knock on wood) of college in two weeks. The next full year will be an extremely busy time for me, but I'm truly looking forward to opening new challenges and getting back into serious photo shoots. Speaking of serious photo shoots, this Sunday I will be taking photographs for a start-up wedding company! My oldest cousins has decided to use her graphic design skills to provide services for people who are looking to get hitched, which I think is adorable and very smart of her! Once she starts it up officially, I'll post a link to the website here as well as the pictures I will be taking!

What else, what else? I watched Her and thought it was as bad as Cloud Atlas... which was pretty darn terrible. Even if it brings me shame in the eyes of society, I can't lie and say it was a good movie. I'm sorry society (I'm really not sorry). The two songs below have been the soundtrack to my summer, because who couldn't be hyped about these two groups putting out music again? (Beast's "Good Luck" and F(x)'s "Red Light"). The very last thing that I am extremely (extremely, extremely) excited about is that my sister is moving closer to home. Not that I'm going to be home while she's living up here (since I'm going South to college), but when I visit home it will be a lot easier to see her! YAY!

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