Friday, May 30, 2014

You Look Tired

I took some more pictures outside yesterday. The evening light is probably the most beautiful light of the day (rivaled only by the early morning light) as it laces itself through the trees near my house. The sun becomes a spotlight which makes the dense leaves look both magical and threatening. I wanted to have some more jumping pictures added to my small (but growing) Summer Collection, so I was grateful to once again have my oldest sister's help in shouting "1... 2... 3" and pressing the button for me. Though the brush often made the empty space between the ground and my feet look nonexistent, I really wanted to capture the lighting* and make myself look small among the trees. The second set are of my oldest sister, Sam! Thankfully she lets me take pictures of her since many times there is gorgeous light and I don't want to be the model!

*once again, blogger doesn't seem to want to correctly translate the colors and highlights on my pictures. I tried to edit them again to match how I want them to look on here, but they aren't perfect, which makes me annoyed. But, they're close enough.

Long exposure. Due to the almost windless day yesterday, I had to push the flowers around until the motion was caught.

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  1. Pants's hair looks magnificent... look at those trees!!! Love the jumping pics, looks like you're flying