Monday, May 19, 2014

Chagrin Falls 2014 - Spring Edition

The last time my oldest sister and I visited Chagrin Falls was in March during my Spring Break. Having grown up around that area and always finding it a treat to return to the beautiful falls and buy the delicious snacks available there, we returned to the scene of the crime yesterday! The area was filled with people eating ice cream and enjoying the sun with their dogs. Because of all the recent rainfall, the falls were free flowing and looked better than they had in about a year or two!

As per usual I will comment underneath the pictures and I have a special post planned for tomorrow, which I'm really excited to share!! I have barely been taking any pictures in these past few months and it's really been making my fingers itch to have a photo shoot! Hopefully, a real shoot will be taking place soon, but get excited for the pictures planned for tomorrow!!

The small section of the falls. Unfortunately I didn't take very good pictures of the actual falls since all I could think about was the delicious ice cream waiting for me in the Popcorn Shop above the waterfall...

AMERICA strikes again. 

Sam bought blueberry ice cream while I bought triple chocolate in a cone! YUM.

Abandoned building... you have no idea how badly I want to hold a photo shoot in front of those huge windows overlooking the waterfall. Too bad the entire area was fenced off. 

Sam and I snuck into the theater and saw the set-up! When I say "snuck" I really mean we freely walked in and took a few pictures before running out of there. 

Sam in "White Magnolia". This shop has an incredibly cute aesthetic with French music playing over the sound system and vintage accessories abound. 

Hope you liked this post! Look forward to tomorrow's special "JUMPING" pictures! :)))

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