Friday, April 11, 2014


A few updates which have gone on from the past two weeks:

1. INTERVIEWS! I conducted two interviews with a rapper and a dancer, respectively. It was my first time interviewing people and my first time creating videos out of the interviews, so it was a really awesome moment! Also, each of the people I interviewed told me that it was their first time being interviewed, so I can tell everyone that I was the first one to ever interview them when they become famous in their respective fields! :D

2. Lauretta's photos were sent out, printed, and hung for her concert. She seemed really happy with them, so I'm incredibly happy to make others happy by the pictures I take! It was for her senior violin recital, so these are probably my last pictures of her. I can't believe I just randomly met her my freshman year and yet we had about 4 full photo shoots together over the past three years! I just absolutely love taking pictures of honestly nice people, so I hope I can meet others like her in the future to photograph and make ties with!

3. Instagram update, because I think I'm addicted... I'm so ashamed. And yet, I'm not ashamed at all.
Left to right, Top to bottom: My foot randomly swelled up one morning, to the point where I could barely put my shoe on and I couldn't concentrate in class because of the pain. So I went to the doctor, got some bloodwork done, an x-ray, and some medicine, then was sent off. The medicine helped A TON and within four days my foot was back to normal! It's also been raining a lot lately, which is great since that means flowers will begin to bloom! Then some street art that I liked :)

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