Sunday, March 23, 2014

When It Rains, It Pours

So, do you remember those posts where I complained about not having enough photo shoots this semester? This weekend made up for any future and past complaining! I had 3 shoots this weekend, which is a record for me. A second personal record that I broke this weekend? Today I had a 4 hour long shoot. On top of that, I was asked to assist on someone else's shoot (which I really wanted to do!!) but couldn't make it because my shoot went much longer than I had intended.

All three shoots were very different! The first was with Lauretta, who is a violinist that I've taken pictures of many times in the past. She's always a joy to shoot because she's open for just about anything and trusts me to take a good picture (which is the highest complement to a photographer). I'm incredibly happy with the results from this shoot because we had some in-studio pictures and then some shots with her in an alleyway outside, which gives a nice variety of looks!

The second shoot was an hour after Lauretta's, which was for a dance concert. These pictures were much more challenging because I had the job of making sure the exposure was correct, while capturing non-blurry movement, while finding good moments within each piece to record. By the end of the concert, I felt like I had done a workout! It's truly exhausting, but I love dance, so it was a great opportunity to combine two things I love!

The third and last shoot was done today with FACES modeling. This shoot took 4 hours, involved 14 models, and I was the only photographer. 2 different outfit changes, group shots, solo shots, paired shots. I took close to 1,000 pictures by the end. The e-board had asked me to take pictures of their old and new members because their board members were going through a change. It was definitely the most exhausting shoot that I've been the photographer for, but I'm always happy to help out the FACES modeling club since they are always so kind and helpful to me! I was especially happy to do this shoot since I was in Korea when they asked me to take pictures of their first shoot of the year, so this shoot definitely made up for missing that!

Below I decided to post some previews to the three shoots. For Lauretta's in-studio shoot and the FACES shoot I used similar lighting since I love the graphic, clean look of an all-white background. I have so much editing to do, it's making my head spin a bit, but I am happy to have work which I enjoy! Look forward to seeing many pictures within this week!!

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