Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Beauty of Snapshots

So, I started up my own instagram.

In the past, I was always that person (and let's be honest, I'm still that person) who never wanted to expand my social media past a certain point. Instagram, twitter, facebook, blogger, tumblr, pinterest, etc. etc. it all becomes too much! I can't give my full attention to just one because I'm spread all over! However, I have decided after a good amount of consideration to get an instagram. I've decided to leave it on private since I only want my sisters to see my posts (since they were the ones who persuaded me to make an account), but from time to time I may share a picture or two on here.

The good side to joining this site is that there are some cool photographers around the world who are accessible through their accounts and no other media sites! I really enjoy the warm-static aesthetic to pictures, which is basically the entire "hipster" movement going on in the U.S; however, I like to think that I'm classy in choosing the pictures I like and that they are much better than regular snap shots. Also, many of the photographers are from Japan, so this movement isn't really a movement, but just the regular Japanese aesthetic. I'm going to try to apply the examples of a few instagramers below to my future pictures!

Also, I have been mulling over pictures from a recent photo shoot with my cousins (from over break) and though I want to share them, there is something about them that I can't seem to become happy with. I suppose I just don't know how I want to edit them since I was going for a style which is new to me... hopefully I can become happy with them soon!!

A few samples from my instagram since I opened my account last week. My sister's cat, food, good words, and beautiful weather... what more could you ask for in a week? :D

These pictures are by Oeuvre4. She takes really pretty everyday pictures and keeps to the warm-static aesthetic that I talked about earlier. 

This set is by _onair. I really like her dull, almost foggy pictures which are not so warm as they are the cool breeze which blows through you on cloudy days. 

These four are by paperplan. Bright, cheerful, and almost always with flowers, I really enjoy the incredible sunshine that radiates through these. I also love that the photographer never shows people's faces, but always has them turn to the side or hide behind a bouquet. 

These pictures are by raspberryfield_. I really like her aesthetic because it's as if she could look at anything, find the details in it, and find it beautiful. Especially the few posts that are on her blog, she reminds me of how I used to look at things through my camera, and I miss that about myself. 

This last set was taken by twistchic. An aspiring graphic designer based in Malaysia, she definitely has a strong look to her pictures which are constant. A brown hue to everything makes for a really uniform account and she takes grand pictures as well as small details. 

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