Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break Photo Shoot

Time really just moves along, doesn't it? I blink and a week has gone by. I rest my head down on my pillow at night and it's already time to get up to go to class. I've been incredibly busy and unfortunately that means that my inner self has stopped thinking. It's been squashed into only coming out every now and then, in moments of rest when I force it to think again. I push that huge, rusty wheel in order for the water to begin flowing again. Trying to wake up your creativity is just as difficult as turning it off, and even then, random ideas will pop into my mind at unwelcome times. I never want to completely turn off my creativity, even if I have to sacrifice my school work for it sometimes. Because at some point, school will end and all I'll have is my inner voice. But for now, it has been forced into the back of mind mind where it can shout at me and I'll only hear it every now and then.

Anyway, those thoughts have nothing to do with the rest of this post... Over Spring Break (two weeks ago) I had a photo shoot with my beautiful, smart, kindhearted cousins who agreed to help me out! I was trying to go for a vintage, fine art feel, but that didn't really come through in my final pictures. My mind thinks too much like a fashion photographer, and as much as I try to take fine art photography, it just isn't in my blood. So, these pictures came out a bit awkward on my part since my intention and what I ended up taking became vastly different... however, I still like the way they came out!

fine art?

So my older cousin turned into more of my attempt at fine art, since I had her in natural, unconventional poses...

While my younger cousin turned out too fashion-y... except not enough of a fashion-y feel... so kinda awkward as to what genre it falls into. She still looked pretty and the light was really nice!

Probably my two favorites! I love the idea of not seeing a person's face, but instead having something blocking your view. She was able to keep the rest of her body so still while thrashing her hair around, so I was really impressed!

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