Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Experiences Behind the Camera!

Yesterday I took mostly video for a girl who is in FACES, named Megan. She's a burst of energy and was up for the strenuous filming which I put her through! After she was even really excited to have a mini photo shoot (because I'm a photographer at heart and couldn't only film, I had to take stills as well). Her outfit was really awesome and when it was mixed with the graffiti, it was too perfect! It was really fun and only took a little over an hour! I'm still editing the video, but I'm really happy with how it's coming out and I really hope she is too! When it's complete, I'll post it up here! It was my first official fashion video, so it was a new experience for me which was filled with anxiety and excitement!

Also, today I conducted my first video interview with a really awesome rapper, named Terrance! He was really well spoken (even as I stumbled along in my speech while asking the questions) and even agreed to do some rapping for the video! It was a really nice, relaxed interview and I'm really excited to conduct the second interview with a hip-hop dancer in order to complete the entire video! I'll post that once I'm finished as well!

Here are the photos from yesterday!

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