Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Like To Write Poems, But That Has Nothing To Do With This Post.

SO - WARNING - This is a SUPER GEEKY post. Super geeky. Super. Geeky.

I want to talk a little more about the story I'm writing. I posted an excerpt from it in December (click) and talked about a mix I had created for it in September (click) when I had first began writing it. I am so close to ending the first draft that I already feel accomplished! Though there are holes that gape at me with sad sagging mouths throughout the novel and an intro that I recently (after rereading it for the first time since August) realized I hate, it's looking pretty good! Honestly, I feel really good about this story and it's the farthest I've ever gotten in any novel I've attempted to write (and there have been quite a few). It just feels nice to have something that's mine. In dance and photography I'm constantly getting critiqued, which is incredibly helpful, but it gets tiring because of my competitive side which always wants to be better than others. But this story? This is mine. No one has read it, and no one has given me their opinions on it. Also, I can make the claim that it's the best novel ever written and no one can ever tell me differently because they haven't read it. hehe : {D

But joking aside, it's the best novel ever written.

I love finding pictures to go along with my story because it really brings it to life! Once I have an image that resembles a scene or person, it becomes easier for me to pick out tiny aspects of the character which I want to talk about. Of course, I will probably never find anyone who looks exactly as I imagine, but these chosen pictures come close! These can all be found on my pinterest (under "casual writing")! This first set is a progression of Beatrice, who is my main character, throughout her life. Child, transition (where we meet her), mental breakdown, then acceptance. 

The "Bad Guys". Though I've made a huge attempt at trying to not have a specific evil or good. Everyone has a little of both. But these dudes begin as misunderstood and then they realize they've been leading their lives under someone else's leadership and break from that. Kinda. Agust is still kinda misguided. Poor Agust. Oh, Rhett and Agust are brothers.

The revolutionaries. These three are on the other side against the three above. There is a reason there are no girls on the other side and two here (if you picked up on that), it's a long explanation... Anyway, they can be claimed as the "good guys", though I'm trying to not give titles like that. They help Beatrice, so I guess they are more good than the people not helping her, right?

Here's our main character and her brother (who is the main push of the novel). Markus is on the side of the trio directly above, but I stuck him in with his sister. There's also the "best friend" of Beatrice who I didn't include (because where do I put him?) but you can see him on my pinterest. His name is Christopher. He's the token human who becomes the outsider after the weird stuff starts happening the Beatrice. He's the comic relief... though I learned that I'm not really good at comic relief... so his character is a little wishy-washy right now. 

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