Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"You keep your mind sharp and clean with a fix of caffeine for the night time..."

My mind feels like it's about to explode a little... ok, a lot. There's so much going on in my life that I haven't had any time to hold a photo shoot, which is a huge disappointment since taking studio pictures was what I was really looking forward to for this semester. I didn't think taking 6 classes would be that much, but it seems that I took the 6 most demanding classes available for this semester. However, I have one and a half weeks until Spring Break, which I am looking forward to!

In my hour or two of free time during the day, I've decided* to write a short story that connects onto the main novel I've been writing. None of my characters are in it, which is good since I need a bit of a break from them, and it highlights a smaller concept which is present in the novel but I haven't yet expanded it as much as I will have to later. It happens before the conflict in the novel begins, so it includes the concept in the way it was before problems arose. Does this make any sense? I always feel a bit silly talking about my novel. My housemate asked me what it was about the other day (since we were talking about writing) and she responded kindly when I told her, but I can never explain it well enough to do it justice. And it's not because my ideas are necessarily bad, it's just because I can never explain my ideas properly. I often finish sentences with "does that make sense?" since I can understand what I'm saying, but I never know if anyone else understands. Anyway, I'm quite excited for the small side adventure and I've found that thinking about the plot and writing in between classes helps me to get through the day.

As for the rest of this post, I've uploaded some pictures that I haven't posted before. They are old, all of them are from January of this year, but I figured I should put them up since I haven't really had time to take any since. It will be so nice when the sun stays out longer, since by the time I get out of class, the sun is already setting and I don't have much time to walk around and take pictures. I bought film for my 35mm camera, so hopefully I can play around a bit with that! All of these pictures were taken with my tablet.

*When I say "I've decided", it really means that I was working on my novel and then an idea sprang to me in the middle of writing and I decided to start a side short-story about another character. I didn't really decide anything since the idea came to me and I was helpless unless I followed through with it.
** The title of this post is from the awesome song "Black Room Boy" by Above and Beyond. (If it's still up, you can listen here: CLICK)

Alyssa and Bill, cuties! 

Sam and I. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM, even though I'm late posting it on here... 

Made pretzels awhile ago. Super tasty. 

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  1. Love this!! Such great pics. Forgot to comment on this but I read it a while ago lol