Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vintage Inspiration Mood Boards

Ever since I first saw my grandmother's wedding portraits was when I became enamored by old photographs. The lighting and softness that was produced by the photographer was absolutely beautiful and I've had those pictures in the back of my mind for years. Since then, I've tried to create pictures that were the exact opposite of vintage. BOLD, GRAPHIC, SLEEK. That was what I had seen in fashion magazines and because of that, I tried my best to copy what had been done before me in order to produce better work. However, possibly because I haven't had a formal photo shoot for almost a year now, I have this incredible interest in vintage and fine art photography. Especially the work produced by Alex Stoddard and Brooke Shaden. These dark and soft but beautiful, outdoor landscapes with people who are not really posing but more of just moving naturally. It's really inspired me a lately, which is most likely why I am itching to have two photo shoots which I have been thinking about recently.


1. Vintage Portraits. This includes mood boards 1 through 3. I have been extremely interested in using the view camera for portraits ever since I used it for still-life pictures about a year ago. However, this would take time and patience from the model, so I haven't taken on the challenge quite yet. I don't think I'll have enough time in February, but I am planning to have a few shoots in March and definitely April. I want to use the view camera to have these enormous files which will have beautiful DOF, then post-process them in order to give them this soft and almost eerie feeling. Also, I would like to use natural light since I don't want the pictures to look too modern with the overuse of unnatural light.

2. Sister Vintage. Mood boards 4 and 5. I have two cousins who would work perfectly for my idea and guess what, I'm going home next week for break! Which means if they agree (crossing my fingers until I hear back from them) I can live out my idea and have at least one photo shoot over break. I really want to play into my fine art side and let go off the thoughts which usually come from planning my fashion shoots. I have these massive ideas for this shoot, so if my cousins don't want to help me out, I'll probably try to find other people to help me once I get back to school (but I hope they help me because they would be PERFECT).

Those are my ideas and I'm extremely pumped up from getting inspiration since I haven't had much for awhile now! Hopefully my plans will be able to work so that I can produce pictures that I'm proud of and be able to expand my range of photography! All the pictures below were taken off of pinterest and unfortunately, I'm not really sure where I found them... I didn't pay attention as I was taking them off. Sorry about that, but if you really want to know where they are from, send me a message and I can go search for them or you could make a pinterest and find them yourself.

I'm so excited!!

Mood Board 1: Actress Portraits

Mood Board 2: Lighting and post processing 

Mood Board 3: Boxers

Mood Board 4: Sisters

Mood Board 5: Color Feeling

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