Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ungraceful Happenings

So, I fell down the stairs yesterday. And not the graceful fall that everyone who is in the unfortunate position to fall down a flight of stairs hopes to be in, but the "every part of my body is hitting these steps and now I'm in pain but there are people here and I have to pretend I'm okay" sort of fall. Yes, clumsy Stephanie decided that she could talk to someone and walk at the same time, something most humans can do, but was terribly mistaken. After sitting on the bottom of the stairs with a bag of frozen broccoli against my head (which my house mate had procured for me), I realized that some good had come out of this.

You see, I've had a slight fear of walking down stair cases ever since my mother fell down a flight at home and dislocated her shoulder. Not that I have a great fear of heights, but I get that rush of worry every time I'm in a high place (I'm counting the top of a staircase as a high place) which makes me grab on extra tight to any railing present. After I fell yesterday, I realized that it had happened and I survived. Sure my back, head, and neck still ache a bit, but I still woke up this morning and I'm okay!

I've gotten into this habit of laughing things off instead of being angry or upset. Another example from yesterday was that on my way to class, I took an un-cautious step onto what I thought was a pile of hard ice but ended up being a large (oh-so-deep) puddle of ice cold water. My sneakers along with the bottom of my pants were soaking wet as I made my way to dance class. I looked at my options, saw that I had a fair right to be extremely annoyed or I could just laugh and move on. So I laughed a hearty laugh after walking across the street, then hurried to my class in order to be inside a warm building. I've found this technique to help me so much more with my all around mood. Yesterday was filled with many choices that ended up being unfortunate for me (more than I care to comment on), but I laughed my way through all of them and I can't really think badly of the events of yesterday. Sure, I wouldn't want to re-do some of those moments, but I didn't necessarily have a "bad day" because all I can remember is laughing at everything.

So laugh a little today. Make karma nervous by not allowing bad things to affect you negatively!

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  1. I really needed to read this today, thanks :) And I hope you're less sore now!