Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Day

Today was a day off from school because of the excessive snow that hounded the campus the night before. I'm not particularly fond of snow days, just because I know that tomorrow it's very likely I'll have to walk to school whether it's very snowy or not. My mind has been elsewhere lately, which is extremely unfortunate since I find myself staring off into space when I should be working. Perhaps it's just the feeling that winter gives off, or maybe there's a switch in my head that turned off over winter break and hasn't turned back on yet. I've been in a school for about three weeks now and I'm feeling very overwhelmed, which may be another reason I'm a bit off, I don't want to be here so mentally I've just shut down.

Anyway, this week has a few gems in store for me that I'm looking forward to, the Fashion Show on Saturday and my radio show on Saturday as well. My beta fish is frowning at me while his little flippers navigate his long body through the three artificial plants within his cube. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my little fish? His name is Kimchi and I've had him for about two and a half years now, coming up on three this June. He's been through multiple rides back and forth between my school and home, survived attacks from my sister's cat, swam through almost opaque water after I had to put a week supply of food in his cube in one day in order for him to eat for the week I was gone. Not to mention constant shifts in temperature and every now and then when his owner completely forgets to feed him. He's such a little trooper! I bought him a new home and the previously mentioned plants for Christmas and he likes them a lot! I don't know why I'm talking about him... I'm just proud of my little buddy! :)

Reflections from my fish's cube on the right and a cat that has been taken in by my housemate on the left. The cat's name is Plato and he's adorable! He's very quiet and calm, nothing like my sister's cat named Moby. I know I compare every cat to Moby, but how can you not after meeting possibly the world's cutest cat? Moby's charm points are not giving you any love when you want it and being sassy, which is why I'm always surprised by cats who let me hold them for lengths of time without getting angry. 

Sunshine in my room! 

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  1. lol comparing every cat to Bubs. Bubs is the champ, but he's also a crazy fool, haha. I love your photos! (I'm having a snow day today, as it happens, so I'm spending my free time drawing and eating, haha.) <3