Wednesday, February 12, 2014

F.A.C.E.S Fashion Show 2014

I was invited to take pictures for the second year in a row for the FACES annual fashion show at my university last Saturday! Because I was not as pleased with the pictures I took last year (CLICK here to see them), I had a growing flame inside of me leading up to this year's show since I knew I had to do better than last year! Last year I only had about 80 decent photos to hand in after the show, while this year I had a whopping 121 pictures that I ended up sending! Each year, I took about 500 pictures altogether, so my odds at taking better pictures are getting better! I'm a lot more proud of these pictures, especially a select few which I'm going to share here! These weren't necessarily my best, but they were my personal favorites and kind of encompass the entire show.

The show began with a group of rappers who made a cypher (When one rapper raps right after another. Usually if one rapper isn't doing so well another rapper will swoop in and finish out the other rapper's segment. Very competitive. The crowd dictates which rapper is doing better than another.), which I found really awesome since I am a bit in love with hip-hop. I got to talk to a few of the guys and they were really focused and passionate, each had been rapping for about two years.
After that, the fashion show began as the models walked out to choreographed pieces. All of the outfits were the model's own clothing, which made for a really interesting show! There were two MC's who came in after each piece and gave a little bit of information, as well as getting the audience involved by asking questions.
In addition to the rap segment and the fashion show, there was a dance troupe named ABCD (stands for: Athens Black Contemporary Dancers) as well as a spoken word poet. ABCD is comprised of majors and non-majors who practice dance at the university that I attend. The spoken word poet was really good and I was incredibly interested in this portion because I've been writing my own poetry a lot lately.

All-in-all it was a good show and I like my pictures a lot more than last year! You could tell all the work that everyone put into the show, which just made it even more amazing to watch since everything is student-organized. (Click on the pictures to see them larger!!! *recommended)


ABCD Dance
ABCD Dance

Spoken word poet

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