Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jetoy in Apgujung

Jetoy is an equally creepy and adorable shop located in Apgujung! When I first heard about these romanticized cats that were printed on all types of accessories, I was a bit creeped out. I thought they were these little soulless drawings that stare through your eyes and make you feel all warm and fluffy inside. However, when I actually traveled to the actual shop in Apgujung, I learned that they were so much more. They were actually adorable!

When you're physically standing in the store, you just want to buy everything because suddenly these cats are beckoning for you to take them all home. This experience sounds as if the cats are attempting to steal your soul, but in reality, it's the real truth. They totally stole my soul. I was a bit shocked at how expensive all the eclectic notebooks and tea sets were, but after looking around at all the adorable designs, I could understand how easily it would be to drop good money in this store. They even had mileage cards for people who are reoccurring offenders of this store! Since it was December, they were getting ready for their new designs for 2014, which were actually more adorable than the 2013 designs!

I ended up buying my sister a notebook, a sticker set, and a pen; then I bought myself a notebook because I couldn't help myself!

On display only because it was not for sale! I like the different colored eyes!

On a not-so-unrelated note, this was one picture from the cat cafe that I forgot to post. :)

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