Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday Talk

So, I've had a great morning (hopefully writing about this wont jinx the rest of my day)! I went to my Fashion Business class and gave my presentation on over-photoshopping models/the lack of different ethnicities in magazines. My teacher gave the presentation really high praises, which makes me really happy since I'm so passionate about this topic and wanted to do well!! Also, a girl in my class came up to me and told me that she felt that same way as I do about the over-photoshopping problem and that she was excited to see I had chosen that topic to present, which was really cool! THEN, I went to a bank after class in order to put money into an account so that I could score myself some tickets to go see an indie band called "Aurora Sting"!! (I first found out about them here: CLICK) Two awesome things about that: first is that I was actually able to efficiently communicate and understand people in a Korean bank, second that I am going to see the showcase of Aurora Sting, who will be releasing their first album during the show on December 14th! YAY! So many cool things :) Tonight I have to give another presentation for my film industry class and then write a 3-page history paper which due tomorrow, so I hope the happy feelings stick around long enough for me to get through everything! (I have a headache, but I'm forcing myself past it.)

In other news, I just found out about this really cool photographer named Alex Finch who is a street photographer here in Korea. He's been here for 6 years and (I'm assuming) this is his job. I enjoy his pictures, so I put a few below with a video of an interview with him. I kinda want to contact him and ask if I could follow him around for a day, but I don't have much time left in Korea (*cries*), so I'm not sure if I'll even try. None-the-less, take a look at his pictures because they're wonderful :)

Below that are some pictures and links about Aurora Sting.
Lastly, I added a motivational snippet from Verily Magazine's website!
Hope everyone has a great day!! :)

"오로라스팅" A few of my favorite videos: Here and here and here

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