Friday, December 20, 2013

Last Full Day in Korea

This was a tough day to get through because it was my last full day in Korea. Yes, I leave tomorrow to go back to the United States and while I'm extremely excited to see my family, I really don't want to leave Korea! These past four months have gone by so fast, but at the same time when looking back at what I've done, it all feels like ages ago. I'm really going to miss being in the city and learning a language by living a different lifestyle. There are regrets, as there always will be, but I'm really happy with everything I've accomplished - especially the progress I've made within myself mentally. There's just something special about living in a place where you feel like you are supposed to be. I feel the same way as I did being in Korea as I do with photography, it just always feels right. However, being in the right place doesn't always mean it's home. I've missed my family like crazy while I've been gone, and as cliche as it is, experiences are all about who you're with. I really hope one day to travel here with them!

Anyway, I'm getting sad and I'll probably be crying the entire 14 hour ride home... from being disappointed that I have to leave here, but excited to see the people at home. Anyway, here are sections from my last day in Korea (I had to skip pictures so I can surprise my family!).


I went to Dangojib, which I've been meaning to visit ever since coming to Korea! EYK reviews it here (CLICK), which is what gave me the idea to go in the first place. It was all so delicious! I ordered Nokja and Danpat Dango (which is green tea and red bean dumplings). I also got the beef onigiri (pictured below) which came with miso soup! 

Wow, it was all really delicious! I love the springy texture of the pounded rice, and it was especially delicious with the two flavors on top! The onigiri was so interesting because it's so different from the kimbap, even though they have a similar look. I thought it was going to taste the same, but I was completely wrong! The onigiri had a much earthier and soy sauce flavor that you don't find in kimbap. I find that Japanese flavors have a much earthier taste, while Korean food has a spicy, freshness. But both are wonderful in their own way!

Saw Aurora Sting here!

Street performers! There was actually an entire lighting crew and a few guys around a large camera filming them... it must have been for a show, but I didn't recognize the group. 

Hongdae was really beautiful with all the lights on the trees. My pictures really don't do it justice at all!

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