Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jeju-do Pt. 5

For the third and last day we visited Seopjikoji. "Koji" in Jeju dialect means a "sudden bump of land" which houses a long walkway on top of the cliff that overlooks the ocean which leads to a lighthouse! This place probably rivals the Yongmeori Coast for my favorite destination of the trip!! It was absolutely beautiful and the view from the lighthouse was breathtaking, I literally just sat up there and watched people come and go for about a half-an-hour.

After the lighthouse we traveled a short distance to Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, which is a mountain that rose from under the sea in a volcanic eruption over 100,00 years ago! On the peak of the mountain there is a huge crater with 99 sharp rocks surrounding it, making it look like an enormous crown! The climb up was pretty difficult, we had to keep taking breaks since it is just like climbing a mountain except that there were man-made stairs. But once on the top, the view was really beautiful! We could see most of the Island and quite a few mountains in the distance, also the lighthouse that we had walked to!

After the mountain, I got some coffee in a shop since I was exhausted (we had gotten up really early) and then we drove to the airport and hopped on a plane back to Seoul! All-in-all, it was a really incredible weekend and I was able to see so many beautiful and amazing sights, I really feel blessed! Korean Thanksgiving, drinking with friends, beautiful oceans views, lighthouses, mountains, lava tubes, cliffs, and so many dolharubangs, it doesn't get better than that! :D Hope you enjoyed reading my trip to Jeju!!

There were so many beautiful flowers on the cliffs!

Squid on a line that were out for drying! The scent was incredibly overpowering! 

:D Walking to the lighthouse!

So many odd trinkets, I wish I had gone into the store, but I was already running late getting back to the bus!

A little snail that Charles found by the water! He began climbing out when we left him alone for a few minutes after this!

Getting closer to the lighthouse!!

MADE IT! I really loved being up there with the wind blowing and the warm sun shining down! 

After a short bus drive, we arrived at the mountain! Nateesha's getting ready to climb! :)


The view was awesome! This was only halfway up! haha, my face ;D

Saw the lighthouse from earlier in this post!!


This is the crater! It was difficult to photograph because of its enormous size and it definitely looked more stunning in real life! 

I'm a lot happier than I look, the sun was seriously blinding me! I don't know how Nateesha is so photogenic! 

Going back down...

After the climb, everyone went to lunch at different places, but I just wanted some caffeine! So I found this cute little coffee shop and went in!

Got a cafe mocha and a Jeju Island specialty bread called "Barley Bread". It had a much cooler Korean name, but I forgot to write it down. The bread was really fluffy and delicious, especially with the hot coffee! The shop also gave me the Jeju Island orange-like fruit that I had been seen growing all over as a service, but because of my allergy I couldn't eat any of it :( I really wanted to try it... but everything else was good!

So many selcas (selca = the Korean version of a selfie (self-camera). selfie = self portrait).

There's the fruit :) The shop was small and quiet, which was great since I had been around a bunch of loud people for three days straight and as much as I love all of them now, they are the definition of loud Americans! It was nice to be alone for an hour :)

Cute books and my drink!

The cafe was covered in old napkins that visitors had left over years of time! There were also some pictures, but everything was in Korean! There were a lot of Singapore and Chinese notes as well! 

Cute bird pillows! 

I left this one! So, I'm not the most amazing drawer, but I managed myself with my mocha and the mountain! It says "Jeju" with hearts and my name at the bottom. After I had hung it up, I also added "From Ohio, United States" to the bottom. 

Right next to the map of Jeju!

I was taking so many pictures of myself... haha I just downloaded an app that's a self timer for my tablet, so I was going crazy using it :P

At the airport about two hours after leaving the mountain, Kelly, Krista, and I got some dinner. I ordered the "Mandu" soup, which is dumpling soup. It was pretty tasty, but I've eaten so many dumplings since being in Korea that I know that they weren't the best. However, fr being airport food, it was tasty!

Flying back to Seoul!

That's the last of it! Thanks for reading!!

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