Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jeju-do Pt. 4

After the waterfall, we took a short bus ride to our second last place for the day, Saeseom Island and Saeyeongyo Bridge. This bridge is the longest pedestrian overpass built on the Southern-most area of the Island. The Island is translated into "Birds Island". This was a really beautiful place to visit at the time of the day we went at because the sun was setting!

After that we drove to an estuary, but I don't like any of the pictures I took there (it had been a long day and I was too exhausted), but I took some pictures at the beach next to the estuary that I posted below! This was also the last place for day two, so the next post will be all about day three! Be sure to read under the pictures!!

Beautiful sunset! That's a tiny island, by the way!

A female diver! One of the many we saw over the entire trip! 

This is the highest mountain on Jeju and if you look closely, you can see that it's covered with snow!

The beautiful island!

At the beach next to the estuary... it was a black sand and pebble beach! Extremely beautiful! 

Charles and Jacob decided to choreograph a battle with their sticks... I think we were all a little slap-happy at the end of the day and ended up doing weird stuff! :D

Natural fruit growing on the side of the road! When we were in the airport heading back to Seoul the day after this, I saw a couple who were carrying branches of this fruit that they had just picked off the side of the road and were bringing back with them! Free souvenirs! The last post for Jeju will be coming soon! :D

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