Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jeju-do Pt. 3

Continuing the second day, after visiting the coast we rode the bus over to Jusangjeolli Cliff. These stone pillars in the sides of the cliff were formed when a volcano erupted, but they make such intricate shapes that it looks like it could have been carved! However, the entire cliff was nature-made, which is what makes it so special and interesting!

After seeing the cliff, we hopped on the bus once again and visited Cheonjiyeon Falls. This waterfall's name means "God's pond" and it's name is derived from a legend that seven faeries serving the King of Heaven came down to the pond on the stairs of a cloud and bathed in its waters. It was a really pretty area, but there were a crazy amount of tourists there, which made the serene area seem not so serene. It was nice to see anyway!

Jay and Kelsey chilling in a huge shell. 

Dolharubang and I!

I thought my sisters would appreciate these owls, so creepy yet so weirdly cute :P (Picture below to the left) The statue is of a female diver who is famous in Jeju because women were not allowed to be divers for such a long time in Korea's history. When we were by the coast, we saw at least 15 different female divers out at sea, which was really cool! You can see them in my pictures of the ocean if you look close enough!

Our fearless leader with the Dolharubang :)

The waterfall and I!

Yankie, Jacob, Valeria, Jay, Chris, Kelsey
Jaehoon and Yankie

Traditional Korean dolls! I like that they just used one face for the men and women... the guy dolls are wearing make-up! :P Part 4 will be coming soon! Look forward to it!!

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