Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jeju-do Pt. 2

For the second day, the first place we visited was Yongmeori Coast! Wow, I have to admit that this is a strong contender for my favorite place that we visited on this entire trip! It was absolutely beautiful! In addition, it was still early in the morning, so the sun was out and lit everything strongly! Be sure to read the captions below each picture :)

There was a temple on this mountain (that we didn't visit) and below there were fields of cabbage and flowers!

Black Eggs!

There was also this odd little amusement park right next to the cliffs. I guess their really trying to get all the money they can out of the tourists... but it was still very unusual. 

Cabbage fields!

Yankie was doing some cave exploration :)

HUGE rock walls!

Photoshoot! :P
Sarah and Kelsey

Kelly hiding in the wall!

Going up!
Looking down!

Bought my mom something here... but I'm not telling what it is!! :P

That's all for now, but you wont have to wait too long for part 3 :D

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  1. I LOVE ALL OF THESE. Can't wait to see part three!!! You take amazing pictures, and I love that you're exploring these crazy exotic places because I get to live vicariously through you! ;)