Wednesday, December 18, 2013

An Excerpt: By Stephanie

If you didn't already know, I've been writing a lot ever since I came to Korea back in late August. In addition to random smaller writings, I've been trying to continue with a novel, with the goal being to finish it within the end of the year (kind like a "South Korea: Study Abroad Novel Writing Semester"... instead of nanowrimo). Even though I was doing well with my goal, I've hit a bit of a slump and am losing faith in my ability to finish anything. That sounds dramatic, but it's really just as dramatic as it sounds :P

So, in the spirit of trying to get back into my story, I've been re-reading bits and pieces of what I wrote a few months ago. I just felt like sharing a little excerpt of a section from the very beginning of the story, when weird things are starting to happen to the main character. I've always been really interested in dreams and how they can feel so real that even after you've woken up, you're confused as to whether the event really happened or not. I guess that's a section of one of the core mysteries in my story. I remember my sister and I talking about a particular book we had both read, and wondered whether we could trust the main character of the story or not. Is she really crazy or does everyone just think she's crazy and the reader is the only one who should fully believe her? I think that's a really interesting concept as well. I'm hoping that by sharing this, I can get more focused on where my story should go.

So, here's a bit of my story (btw, Christopher is her best friend and they are not and will never be romantic):

    Beatrice awoke in her bed with no feelings of warmth or comfort. She knew she was still dreaming, but didn't want it to be so. She wanted to speak, but no sound came out from her lips and she wasn't even sure if she could open her mouth. The fear that had been planted within her continued to grow and even though she tried to calm herself, knowing she was in a dream, her mind would not rationally quiet. She could hear footsteps coming up towards her bedroom, and the sound caused her to sit up in bed. 
    Marcus entered through her door frame in order to stand next to her bed, looming over her. She hadn't seen him in about a year and he looked much more tired than she remembered. The dark circles were accentuated by the light that came from her ceiling, which caused him to seem more threatening than he meant to. 
    "Take care little sister," he spoke dryly, staring straight at her without blinking, "You're in over your head."
    Help Me, Beatrice wanted to say, but could only stare back at her brother's eyes. Even without looking away from his pupils, which had frozen her gaze, she could see the thin white lines seep into his face making intricate designs around his eyes. Soon the lines completed their circles and his eyes began to have a different color seep into them. In waves, his eyes turned into the orange-red color that she had stared into so many times that day. The girl felt nauseous and wanted to look away, but couldn't. A distant clap of thunder snapped her eyes out of their trance suddenly and she looked towards her window to see the lightning illuminate the entire room. When the space went dark again, so did her vision.  
    Beatrice awoke in a cold sweat, a shiver running down her spine as she listened to the rain clatter against her window. She could hear Christopher snoring next to her, but her brother's voice echoed loud within the corners of her mind. His words repeated in her head, even though she tried to think of other things, and she was left lying on her back with wide eyes and her head spinning. She wanted to turn the light on, but had an irrational fear that she was still dreaming even though she could feel that she was awake. All she could do was reach her hand under the covers to find Christopher's and hold onto him. Too afraid to fall back asleep, but having allowed her fear to control her muscles, she laced her sweaty fingers through Chris's and tried her best to relax until the morning came. 

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