Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Random Tablet Shots

A few random tablet pictures from the past few weeks.

Took this at night, which is the explanation for the odd coloring and extreme fuzziness. I just like the "Follow Your Dreams, They Know The Way".

On the subway, the evening light is always wonderful!

My roommate's friend went to Japan over the weekend and brought back snacks. She let me have this one, which was really nice of her! It was a sponge cake filled with a banana flavored pudding... it was good, but SO sweet!

The bowl was incredibly hot so that all the ingredients inside became gooey and warped together! There was cheese, lettuce, seaweed, rice, octopus pieces, and a couple different sauces on the bottom, which you completely mix together into a wonderful combination of tasty ingredients! 

Ice cream sandwich with vanilla ice cream and red bean paste. 

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