Monday, November 25, 2013

Rainy Day in Apgujung

Yesterday I went to find a particular shop in Apgujung because I wanted to specifically buy something for my older sister. When I found out about this shop I was both weirded out and intrigued, then when I was actually there, I ended up wanting to buy everything. Unfortunately, I can't post the pictures because I want the stuff I bought to be a surprise. However, the pictures I took while walking in the rain are here, as well as a snack I had and some pics I snapped while in one of my classrooms. Read the captions :)

I take a fashion business class, which means I spend time in the art building here, which is wonderful! If there's one thing I miss about my campus back home, it's our art building/studio. When picking the college, I felt at relaxed there and that was my determining factor! Anyway, I ventured up to the upper levels of the building to find the clothing-creating areas. Since I was using my tablet it gave all my pictures a purple hue for some reason, which makes it more artsy, right? 

8AM :)

Sunset in the Winter. There's a constant haze over everything all day. It's beautiful! 

Apgujung! SO RAINY. My socks and shoes were drenched by the time I got back, but I love the colors of reflected lights when it rains!

Lastly, there is a snack here called "떡볶이" (Dopokki) and it's delicious! It's a soft rice cake with a chili sauce (that burns your mouth for hours in the best way possible). It's mainly a street food, but they also sell little microwave packs which I picked up. There not as delicious as the ones you buy at a street vendor, but they were alright. You get a little pick to stab the cakes in order to eat them! This is a crazy huge snack here (it's as big as ramen or 빼빼로) and you can literally get it anywhere, in a million different flavors. I heard there is a place that sells Alfredo dopokki, which I really need to find!! :) 

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