Sunday, November 3, 2013

Plant: Alien's Day Out

There's this vegan bake shop called Plant that I've been eyeing way before I even traveled to Korea and on Friday, I was able to go there! Kelly and I have both been excited about this place since we follow the owner's blog and facebook, so being able to go in person was a really cool experience! The food was seriously delicious and the atmosphere was really comfortable and cozy! Even though the shop is really small, the two of us were able to share a 4 seated table with another two people, which just made the shop feel even more like home. This was the best western food I've had since coming to Korea and it was really nice to have a little slice of home! Even though Itaewon isn't my favorite place, I'll definitely have to go back for this soon!

We went in the evening, so by the time we left the sun had already set and the nightlife was busting. 

I WANTED THIS SO BAD. But because I'm allergic to bananas, I had to skip this one out that time :(

Kelly ordered the quesadilla, which I took a bite of and agreed that it was delicious!

I ordered the macaroni gratin, which was macaroni with cheese and peas, along with many other things that I tasted delicious but couldn't quite place. Since the owner knows English fluently, I was able to tell her about my allergy and she edited the original order to help me out! It was really nice and I was happy she was so willing to help me!

So rich but so delicious! 

Kelly ordered Apple Tea, which she said was wonderful! 

I also ordered the "thin mints" in order to take back with me. I ate them that night and they were really tasty! You could tell they had been hand-dipped in the chocolate, which just added another level of "home cooking" that  made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :D

Kelly ordered the "beer, peanut butter, and chocolate" cake. I couldn't eat any because of the beer and peanut butter, but Kelly really enjoyed it and she said the beer flavor was very strong! 

I really enjoyed the selection of music as well. A lot of it was French, which is music that I love!

There was a wall of magazine cut outs and drawings, which was very eclectic and cool to check out! 

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