Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Other Photos for Gyeongju and Hiking

There are often many times where I will use my tablet to take photos or I'll like someone else's pictures that they took and posted online. Because of this, I end up having to make separate posts (like this one) where I can show those pictures since they were shared after I actually posted my pictures. So, there are two photos from Gyeongju that my friend was nice enough to take of me, and there are pictures from the hiking trip that Yankie posted on his facebook. None of his pictures belong to me (obviously) and I am in no way making claims towards them except for the fact that I'm in most of them :D

On the road to Gyeongju, we stopped at a bus stop where there were tons of places to eat inside of a small shopping center. I stopped and bought red bean buns, because I love red beans in buns (if you couldn't tell from the millions of other time's I've talked about them) and they were delicious!


Hiking up Mt. Achasan.

Ugh, I hate how red/purple my face gets when I become hot... I look like I got severely sunburn. Anyway, we had just stopped climbing, so that's why I look crazy!

FACE :( It's a long story...


"Korea" kinda...

The group :P

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  1. Wow...I can really see the sunburn...looks like you had great fun!! Great pics!!
    -the unhairy one