Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kitty Adventures in Korea!

Today I ventured over to Gangnam in order to visit the Cat Attic! Animal cafes (mostly cat) are really popular here since there isn't as much room for a person to own an animal. I've heard a lot of great comments about this particular cat cafe and decided to go after my class today! I partially went to go cuddle cats for a few hours, but I really wanted to show my sisters (Bill included in "sisters") that this exists and what it looks like! I'll comment in the captions, as per usual :D Also, I heard there is a dog cafe in Gangnam, so I'll have to go back to check that out soon!

The admission fee is the cost of 1 drink. (btw that's a real cat)

Poor little kitty was really skiddish around everyone, I'm happy he could relax in his own little area, it looks like he was hurt. 

They had a Sphynx there who really freaked out the Korean girls when it made its appearance haha!

He may look scary in the pictures, but he was really a cute little guy! His skin was a bit off-putting since I'm used to furry cats, but he was just a normal little cat! It was my first time seeing a Sphynx, so it was a cool experience!

One of the workers was grooming the cats, but they all looked so pissed! I couldn't stop laughing at their little tummies and angry expressions! 

While trying to coax another cat into my lap, I felt two little paws hit my leg and then this guy was curled up on me before I could even move! He groomed himself for about a half an hour straight and then took a little nap. He woke up because I had to rearrange my legs which had fallen asleep and were prickly, but he stayed with me even after rearranging myself! HE WAS SO CUTE! I miss him now haha :P

Me and Mr. Kitty!

Taken with my tablet, but a better picture of him is the one below to the left. Isn't he pretty?? I don't know if you can see, but right underneath his ear was a little bald spot with a black bump. I don't know if he was recovering from something or if he was just born with that, but I think this cafe mostly adopts cats from shelters, which is really cool! There are a ridiculous amount of stray cats in Korea, so knowing that there are places like this to try to take care of them is really nice!

Right before leaving, I made one last round of the cafe, but most of the cats were napping! I arrived there at 3pm and left right before 7pm, so I got to see the height of the cat's day (though they're probably active at night when the cafe is closed). 

This guy sat on the counter the entire time I was there! He greeted guests as they walked in :D

That's all! Hope you enjoyed!! 

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