Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hongdae, I Just Can't Stay Away...

As the days move by with what seems like the wind, I find myself frequenting Hongdae more and more. I think I have a real problem... instead of exploring new places, I just keep checking out Hongdae. But I really love that area of the city and am honestly so happy every time I come here! There are still so many things I haven't even seen within this small area and am always excited when I find more cool things! Speaking of cool things, I heard about a cafe that has two live sheep living inside of it and knew immediately that I needed to visit it! I had plans to see the cafe and then visit a new place in Seoul, but I ended up walking around Hongdae and it started raining (which I then turned into an uncomfortable wet puppy), so I just went home after a few hours of walking around. Tomorrow I will check out the place I was going to go today! 

As usual, I will comment more underneath the pictures, so be sure to check that out :D I recently changed the font color for the captions to be a bit darker since my sister wisely noticed that it was difficult to read, so I hope it's better! 

"Thanks Nature Cafe" is the name of the cafe which houses two sheep! The cafe owner was in the shop today and every time he went to feed or clean up the sheep, you could tell they know him and love him! It was seriously adorable watching them baaaaa and snuggle up against him! 

The inside was decorate with HUGE paintings and many other cute sheep figurines and toys!

Lemon Ice Tea. YUM!
Talking about the sheep :)

I ordered a fall special, which was "녹차 (Nokcha) Waffles" aka Green Tea Waffles! They really tasted like green tea, which was amazing, since I love that flavor! The waffles were accompanied by a massive scoop of vanilla ice cream and two different types of whipped cream!  I couldn't even finish this entire dish, even though I wanted to because it was delicious! Korea is definitely a place where you share most dishes with someone else!

My Lemon Ice Tea was also ridiculously good! I usually don't like sweetened ice teas (I always get unsweetened because otherwise it's too sweet for me) but this was perfectly sweet and tangy and tart! And the bottle it was in was really cute too! I actually really enjoyed the bottle and plates because they were a bit rustic looking, which went perfectly along with all the wood and sheep! 

I'm not sure if they're from well known artists or not, but I thought these drawings were really cool! 

Pictures of the two sheep as babies! GAHHHH SO CUTE! I was literally just sitting and staring at the sheep the whole time because they were so cute! 

Moving on from the Nature Cafe, I continued up to the children's park in Hongdae. Today was Saturday, and every Saturday from 1pm-5pm they have a "Free Market" where local artists and students set up tables to sell the crafts that they've made! In addition to that, they had an afternoon concert with many different artists! 

Wow! They were amazing! Apparently they have an album out, which I need to find immediately, since I really enjoyed their music! Their duo name is "오로라스팅" (Aurora Sting) and you can follow them on facebook here: CLICK. I took video, so hopefully I can upload it soon so that you can here how great they were! Actually, I just found some older videos of them (older meaning early this year), so you can check them out if you want: 1 // 2 // 3

"노르딕아이" (Nordic Eye). He was really good too!

"이안한 사람들" (Two Sorry People). They were interesting because they used sounds together that I'm not used to hearing. You can't tell from the photo, but they had a computer hooked up that played pre-recorded music together with what they played live. 

박소윤 (Bak Suyoon) She had a sweet voice!

After getting drenched in Hongdae, I stopped off near my university to pick up some dinner, which included a sandwich and some peppermint tea! I haven't talked about this sandwich before, but it is really delicious! It doesn't look special in its appearance, but the flavors are just perfect! I actually paid attention to what I was eating so that I can recreate this when I go back to the states! I now have the secret formula muahahaha! : {D

*Update... Here is a compilation of the videos I took from today:


  1. SHEEEEEEEEEP. Hongdae looks so cool, I can't believe the amount of adorable animal-themed things there are in korea

  2. omg SHEEP IN THE CAFE HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE. I want to goooo there!!!