Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hiking Mt. Achasan and Mt. Yongmasan

A few of us decided to go hiking at 4pm since we wanted to see the sunset on last Sunday, Nov. 3rd. We began by hiking up Mt. Yongmasan (which was very steep and a little scary) and then crossing over to Mt. Achasan where we climbed down (which was much less steep than going up). We ended up getting to the top at around 6pm, then after the sun went down, we spent a few hours doing light painting and trying to find the bottom of the mountain. After that, we went out for all-you-can-eat samgyeopsal and finally got back to our rooms at about 1am! It was a really fun time! Even though my light painting pictures didn't come out very well (I still can't figure out why though don't look very good... Yankie also took pictures and his came out much better. For some reason, my camera kept shaking even though I used a tripod.), it was really fun to hang out on top of a mountain in the dark :D

From the subway station, heading towards the mountain. 

The man between Yankie and Charles actually hikes this particular mountain every day and ended up helping us get to the top! He was really nice! 

Unfortunately, the day we decided to go was very hazy, so it was a bad day for pictures. But, it was still really cool to see the city and the experience was fun :)

Half way point!

Once we actually made it to the top, we spread out and had a small picnic that included kimbap and soju shots :D

The group! L-R: Me, Mei Wee, Charles, Krista, Meng, Yankie

We met this guy on the top and gave him a shot of soju in return for taking a picture of the group!

There were SO MANY stray cats on the mountain! We kept feeding them bits of rice because they looked really starved.

Top of the mountain! I think we went even higher when we crossed over to Achasan, but since it was already dark by then, there's really no way to tell. 

Playing around with light painting. As I mentioned before, I think the tripod was unstable because all my pictures are slightly blurry. Anyway, I'm hoping Yankie will post his pictures so I can steal them and post them here :P

At the buffet of Samgyeopsal! 

SO DELICIOUS! I could eat this every day easily!

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  1. LOVE these pics!!! Hahahaha shots on top of a mountain in S Korea. Doesn't get much more adventurous than that!! You look amazing btw :)