Monday, November 4, 2013

Gyeongju Day Trip Pt.1

Last Saturday (Nov. 2nd) the usual group minus one or two people went on a day trip to Gyeongju, which is a city that's known for its deep history. It's on the southern coast of South Korea (close to Busan), which is why it took us 4 hours to get down there from Seoul by bus. This trip was really fast and very packed, which is why I've decided to split it into about two or three parts. I'm going to comment more on the pictures than up here, so read below :)

On our way! We left at 7am and arrived in Gyeongju at 11:30am.

Our first stop was Seokguram Grotto.

Women selling all types of medicinal herbs and food outside of the grotto. 

Back on the bus and heading down the mountain towards lunch!

Outside of the restaurant, there were many animals who were caged outside of the building. 


The amount of side dishes were a crazy huge amount!

We each were given a helping of beef and pork, which is eaten along with the twenty or so side dishes. Everything was delicious!

Outside the restaurant, there was a cute puppy that everyone was hovering around :) The next part will be uploaded probably tonight after class, so look forward to that!

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