Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gyeongju Day Trip Pt. 2

The second and final part of our one-day Gyeongju trip continued on to Bulguksa Temple, which is hidden within the hills surrounding it. The temple is known for its elaborate stone structures, which can be seen echoed throughout the entire grounds. I found this area to be the most beautiful because of the wonderful colors that the trees were changing into!

"stylish", SO CUTE!

Most of the group, we lost a few members before this picture was taken and I didn't think to take another later. 

This tree was my favorite. Apparently it's a Japanese maple tree, but I was astounded by the beautiful colors that it was changing into! I couldn't help but sit and stare at it because it was so beautiful! 

Moving onto our final destination before going home for the day, we traveled to Donggung Wolji (Anapji Pond). 

We arrived there at sunset, but lucky for us, this pond is famous for its lights which illuminate the grounds.

Archaeologists drained the pond in the 1970's in order to restore the grounds to its original glory; however, once the pond was drained, they found many artifacts below that further helped place this certain area within a time period. 

The lights extended throughout the entire pathway, illuminating a small pond that was hidden away next to the bamboo forest. Whoever created the lighting display for this particular area did a really nice job! 

That's the end! Hope you enjoyed my pictures for Gyeongju! 


  1. These are amazing. Seriously, do I need to fly around the world to Korea? No, because I've already been there through this blog :D

    1. YAY! I'm happy you feel that way :D It's cool that you are still interested in reading it :P