Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family in Korea?

So... I'm ashamed and yet I have no shame. This is what happens when Stephanie remembers she has photo shop and decides to practice using it. I feel like the third one is my best, please notice the shadows under their feet.

No, but really, my roommate wanted me to take pictures of her in different places to give to her friends for their birthdays and I agreed. However, our times have not been matching up, and because it gets dark earlier now, she asked me if she could just take a picture of all the places and then I could photo shop her in. My arrogant side came out at that moment and I responded, "Of course! No problem!". But in reality, there is a very big problem... it's called I Can't Use Photo Shop Very Well. I guess I can show her these and she'll probably agree to work out a time that works for us both! :P

Also, not to make my family feel bad at all (because there's no reason for them to) but I miss them a lot! It would literally be perfect if they were here with me in Korea! I love being here, but I also miss my family. Such a dilemma... I guess that's what growing up is all about, having to be a little selfish and not have things be 100% perfect, but knowing that you're doing the right thing at that time. ANYWAY, enjoy my creepiness. :D

This one's like a "Where's Waldo?" There are three faces that weren't there before. 


  1. Yeah, third for "most realistic!" Although the second one is FOR SURE MY FAVE OMG. I laughed for a solid few minutes just looking for me and Bill. Hahahahaha. Also, you are not as bad at photoshop as you think! Yeah, sure the lighting is off, but they don't look horrible! It looks like the Christmas pictures we took at JC Penny with the backdrops of the Christmas scene (omg the 90's... why did anyone think that was ever a good idea???) :))