Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ewha Women's University and Hongdae

I've heard so many wonderful things about the area around Ewha's University, as well as how beautiful the campus was, and after going today myself, I have to agree that the campus is wonderful! It helps a lot that the trees were changing colors when I went, but the architecture is not something you expect to see in Korea at all! The entire campus is absolutely stunning and the shopping area around it was bustling and fairly diverse! I really enjoyed taking a walk through the campus and snapping pictures! However, the day that I went, it just happened to be some sort of orientation so the campus was incredibly busy and there were hoards of girls and their families everywhere! The shopping was really nice though! I bought a few things for my sisters which I'm excited to show them :)

After taking a walk, I headed two subway stops over to Hongdae to sit in a coffee shop and relax and write a bit!

I really enjoyed the mixture of Korean architecture and European architecture! It made for an extremely beautiful and interesting campus! 

Frolicking :D 

This shop is called "Bad Cat". I found the cat head attached to the bomb really cute and odd at the same time :)

Heading to Hongdae! I mostly just went because it's so close to Ewa and I love Hongdae :P 

The playground, where the free market and the free market evening concerts are held! Even without coming on a Saturday, there are usually people here performing. All you have to do is wait 30 minutes to a half an hour and someone will come and perform! I think that's what I love about Hongdae, it's constantly alive and in motion! 

I headed to a coffee shop I have walked past every time I've come to Hongdae but never went into! It was a really small shop with many odds-and-ends, which made it really interesting to sit in! 

스키다마링ㅌ "Articles about skiing" // 호텔 정원에서 생긴일 "Happened in the Hotel Garden" //
보이지않는 "Invisible" // 불안한동화 "Uneasy Assimilation" 

The guy working in the shop (possibly the owner) was really nice! The menu was completely in Korean, which I actually had no trouble reading (hehe)! The barista had a cat who he just let walk around the shop, who was really adorable! 

I ordered a cafe mocha and a chocolate muffin! He also gave me a small bowl of pretzels, which was an odd addition to what I ordered, but still very nice of him! It was great to just relax and write outside of my room and the shop had a great atmosphere to it! I definitely want to go back again and spend more time there (which will be easy since I'm practically living in Hongdae now...)!

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