Friday, November 1, 2013

DOTA and Samgyeopsal, it doesn't get better than this!

My afternoon on Wednesday! It consisted of classes and then going out for dinner. Nothing too crazy, but it was a nice day, so I took a few pictures here and there. Also, the 30th was my dad's birthday!!! I wish I could be at home for things like that, these days are where I miss my family the most; I hope he had a great day :D

Happy November 1st everyone! NANOWRIMO begins today :D

Sweet Nutri Bean (Bean Milk). It was tasty! 

Triangle kimbap with bacon! YUM!

Sweet Red Bean Bun! I love red beans, especially when they're inside bread or a type of soft bun. This is sold at the local convenience store and you take it out of a warm steamer that they keep in the store. It's really wonderful with the cold weather because it's all warm and sweet and delicious! 

Pretty much Korea's version of Hello Panda. Tasty!

After Korean class, a few of us went out to go eat Samgyeopsal, which is a Korean barbecue where you get meat and you cook it yourself. It's really fun, especially after you have a bit of alcohol in you! :P

You cook EVERYTHING. The meat, the kimchi, the garlic, it all goes onto the cooker. This is the first time I've had warm kimchi, which turned out to be delicious!

Cook it up! 

I know you can't tell what anything is in this picture, but that's because it was taken at night with my tablet... anyway, I was walking back to the dorms from class and I heard people cheering and announcers with microphones coming from our school outdoor amphitheater. So, I walked over and took a seat to realize that there were at least 50 people sitting outside and watching a DOTA2 competition! It was the nerdiest thing ever and I loved it! People were getting really into it too, they would clap and cheer whenever a certain character came on the screen :D Good stuff!

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