Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tired, Tears, Tea

I've been so exhausted lately because of an enormous amount of homework that has sprouted up from the minds of my sadistic teachers. Haha, that was overly dramatic... but for some reason, teachers have this skill of never assigning homework and then they'll all somehow pick the same week to give out massive piles of busy work. I don't know how they do it, but I think that they know and it makes them chuckle a little inside. I just defeated my 5-page politics paper, so I'm feeling pretty good with myself, though I'm tired and hungry. Also, I have to give a 20 minute speech in my politics class tomorrow. Yeah, 20 MINUTES. ME. I suck at giving speeches, but since I'm the only one in my group who can speak English fluently, I am the default speech-giver. I'm trying to not think about it.

Also, there were some happy tears today. Great writing that shared some hidden gems that I failed to see, even though I have been looking my whole life for them. Good stuff.

And tea. Because tea is awesome and is the blood in my veins. And tea makes everything better, because on rainy days it warms you, and you can close your eyes and breath in and it feels like you're at home, in a big sweater, reading a great book while surrounded by family. I think that's why I love tea so much, because if you let it, it can transport your mind to other places. (Do I sound like I'm stoned right now? I'm really tired...).

Yeah. So... here's some music that I like lately. :D

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