Friday, October 4, 2013

Sunset at the Han River

My little tablet has become my best friend this past month! I have my professional camera that makes people turn their heads and stare at me, which take beautiful pictures and I love, but it isn't the best when I'm trying to enjoy the moment or when I'm actually trying to fit in. My tablet is perfect for taking decent pictures and it is light and easy to carry everywhere with me! This afternoon, I could tell it was going to be a beautiful sunset, so I set out on the 30 minute walk that it takes to get to the Han River in order to watch the sun go down. I happily picked the perfect time and was able to see the golden sun go down over the water while couples held hands and walked their dogs. It was really peaceful and kind of straightened out my head again.

Also, I was sitting on the stairs that lead down to the river, just watching the sun go down, and a guy came up to me and started talking to me. I have lived in America my entire life, so even though the types of occurrences happen often, I still am not used to it! It turns out that (as most people who come up to you randomly and ask you where you're from) he just wanted to speak some English with me since he studied in California when he was still in school. Right now he's working in Saudi Arabia with a gas company and was just visiting Korea for a few weeks to see his family! How crazy is that? He was telling me about the sand foxes he's seen there and how he just began playing the guitar (which was strapped to his back) a few weeks ago. He was a nice guy :) I actually really like meeting random people and getting snippets of their life. It just makes me slightly sad to think I probably will never see them again. It puts relationships and how many people there are in this world in perspective so easily.

I've been to the Han river twice now, once at night and this time was at sunset, but I have yet to actually bring my DSLR camera! So I definitely have to make an effort to go again and take real pictures, because it's too beautiful to not get professional pictures! Anyway, here's what I took on the tablet:

Hot buns filled with red bean paste and banana milk has become my favorite snack. It's seriously heaven! I'm just loving all the things filled with red bean paste, since you can't find anything like that in the part of America where I live. Also, I'm definitely going to miss banana milk when I leave!

I believe this is a museum... It is something shaped into a circle that rests right next to the river. I can't remember who told me there was a museum inside it... but that's what I think it is. 

So many couples. SO MANY. Me and my friends were joking that South Korea is just entirely made for couples. Everything you could possibly think to do is something cute that couples would also enjoy. I've never seen so many couple bikes and matching t-shirts! It's adorable, but I'm also a little sour watching it all :P

GLISTENING water. I seriously love the water when the sun is glistening off it (or in this case, the sun reflecting off the buildings, which is reflected on the water). 

Night scene... yeah, my tablet turns to crap at night. But days when there is sunlight, the pictures are great! :)

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