Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mustoy and Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae

Hello! Today was a wonderful day since I went to one of my top three places in Seoul for the umpteenth time, which is Hongdae. However, the difference in this post to my other two (three?) posts of Hongdae is that I specifically went on a few missions in order to actually focus on doing specific things. First, I wanted a picture of the EYK studio... so I creepily went over and took a picture of it :) Before I leave, I will actually try to knock on their door and see if Simon and Martina are in, but today was a Saturday, so I wasn't sure if they were there or not. Second, I wanted to check out Mustoy, which is a shop with little ceramic figures that you color in with sharpie. It is awesome and so fun! I want to go back and do it again! The only ownside was that with the coloring, you get a free drink, but all they had was Americano coffee or orange juice. Since I can't drink orange juice, I had to take the Americano which is not my style. But, it's not like I was there for the coffee, so it's okay! Thirdly, I wanted to check out the Hello Kitty Cafe. I have walked past it on two other occasions and decided that I just needed to go in and take in all the cuteness for myself! It was bursting with cuteness! SO MUCH PINK. Even the lights were tinted pink (which made the photo editing extremely difficult!).

I'm going to preface my trip to Hongdae with some pictures in a bakery I took yesterday. There is a chain bakery here in Korea which is really tasty and I just found out about it yesterday! Of course, it's not as amazing as that hole-in-the-wall "we just pounded this dough with our own hands" bakery, but for a chain, it isn't too shabby. They also have a lot of interesting pastries (which I will slowly try one-by-one)!

This looked REALLY delicious! 

COFFEE... BUN. I'm drooling! 

Doesn't this sound like something from Skyrim?!
Tofu snacks... YUM!

Now these pictures are from tonight in Hongdae:
I've heard this place is new and amazing... so I'll have to go back and try it!

Eat Your Kimchi [Nasty!] Studio! I have a goal of meeting Simon and Martina before I leave Korea!

Mustoy! It's a cute little shop jammed in between so many others that you would miss it if you weren't looking for it!

Iced Americano

BEFORE. You're given a choice of a variety of different figurines to choose from. I chose the regular sized girl figure. 

AFTER: TADA! I gave her a cardigan and dotted jeans! 

And on the back, I wrote my name with a picture of a camera! :) Okay, so I'm not the best at drawing or coloring... but it was really fun and a cool experience! And check out the pink bows I gave her! 

Other works by people who have come in and chose to leave their figurines there...

Secret Garden! These were so dang cute! I love that drama! 


Even the toilets were adorable! 

I ordered a green tea latte, which they topped with an adorable dusting in the shape of hello kitty...

... and a single order of tiramisu, which was dusted with a profile shot of hello kitty! 

Wow, it was SO rich and creamy, but so ridiculously good! 

They also sold waffles, sandwiches, tea, and so much more!

So much pink! There was a cute couple sitting to the right of this picture and the girl was taking pictures with the huge hello kitty while the guy sat there looking bored :P Also, did I mention how hard it was to color correct these pictures? It was ridiculous! The lights were even tinted pink! 


Limited addition Hello Kitties. They were in a glass case! 


  1. Hello Kitty Cafe with cakes and too much sugar in my coffee...too sweet!!! Great photos!


  2. HELLO KITTY CAFE!!!! I WAS HOpING YOU'D VISIT :D :D So jealous. IT LOoKS AWESOME. ANd so do you!!!!! If that's your new coat, I LOVE IT!