Thursday, October 17, 2013

More than Who I Am

There are so many things I pass and places I walk every day that after awhile, I become accustomed to them and forget how amazing they looked when I first arrived. One of these things is the dirt path that goes through my campus. It is absolutely beautiful to have to walk through this every day for my classes! Another is the man-made lake that is directly in the middle of the campus (and actually kind of a pain since you have to walk around the entire thing to get anywhere... many of us have agreed that they should build a bridge through the center of it). Anyway, I guess this is kind of a peek at my everyday life.

This is the founder's tomb. He was buried here along with (I think) his wife.

Waiting for my class to start = sitting in the coffee shop and having a cafe mocha, a pretzel filled with cream cheese, and reading a Korean magazine. 

PRETZEL FILLED WITH CREAM CHEESE. Seriously, this is my ideal snack/meal. 

Cafe Mocha. YUM.

The sunset over the man-made lake. 

On the left is the scuba diving club and on the right is the taekwondo club.

My favorite organic tea :)
Me :D

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