Thursday, October 3, 2013

Inspiration: Soft Light

Lately I've been in love with vintage looking pictures with soft lighting. There's something about pictures not being pin sharp and people in the modern age attempting to recreate a feeling of different time period. Lots of the pictures I like are on the edge of being hipster, but I have no shame of liking them, especially when they're well done!

ALSO, I just finished watching a movie called "Stuck In Love" which came out last year but I didn't hear about until recently, and it was really good! I love family dynamic movies, especially when the writing and acting is very realistic. The title is not very good, since it sounds like a cheesy romcom, but it is a very unconventional movie that is probably the best new movie I've watched since "The Giant Mechanical Man" back a few months ago. I've seen some of the actors in other movies, but everyone was so much better in this movie than their past films, probably because the script was not so scripted. Anyway, you should try watching it, because it's good! :)

Before the pictures, I just want to throw down a song that I've been listening to like crazy. This is by G-Dragon, a Korean rapper, who just released his second album. His entire album has a feeling of London punk-chic to it and I think his voice works really well with the music he created! I've had his album on repeat ever since I bought it with no shame at all :)

On to the pictures:
These pictures are all taken off pinterest and repinned into my board titled "Inside The Line".  This is my current desktop and has been for about a month, which is a long time of not changing my desktop. All the sources are different, so you can look on pinterest if your interested in seeing them separately. 

Richard Tuschman

Richard Tuschman

Melissa Moore Photography. These pictures are all from her series titled "Land Ends" which I love! There are a lot of other beautiful images I didn't include from that series, which I would advise you to check out. I actually found out about her today while I was looking at Korean photography magazines in the Korean bookstore near my temporary home. She just released a book and they showed a few of her images, so I hastily wrote down her name and searched her. I'm happy I did, because these pictures are so wonderfully soft with the light and feel!

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