Thursday, October 24, 2013

Everyday Food

Ok, so these pictures are not very nice, but they were taken with my tablet because my sister said she wanted to see more food, and it's hard for me to remember to take what I eat before I actually eat it! A normal day consists of a variety of kimbap. I personally like the Samgak Kimbap (which is the triangle) and the Dongeuran Kimbap (the circle). Either kimbap, ramen, or a sandwich is usually what I get. I've been a lot more careful since the first month after my allergy kicked up from eating about two weeks worth of Korean food, so I haven't been as adventurous. But, hopefully I'll actually eat more interesting stuff soon to show... until then, you get to see everyday food! 


The circle kimbap features a piece of fried chicken on top of some lettuce and rice. It's really good!

Picked up a brownie, which wasn't that great... but not terrible either. I didn't have high expectations since it's from a convenience store.

I picked up the kimchi ramen for breakfast this morning. Extremely spicy, but I've begun to enjoy that numbness that comes from eating spicy foods. Good stuff.

Unsweetened tea on the left and vitamin water on the right featuring a member of Beast on it. :D

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  1. YAY FOOD POST. Thanks for sharing :) The kimbap looks really good!!! Crazy though, I didn't get it until I looked it up on Wikipedia... love that you're liking the spiciness, Bill is proud!!