Saturday, October 12, 2013

Displaced Mind

I think something that's been bothering me lately is that my body has been becoming weaker because I am neither running nor dancing. I can feel the places that used to be hard start to become softer and as a control freak, it's really stressing me out. I know this isn't something I should be worried about, but it's not even that I care about my weight, it's just that my mind has started to go crazy from my lack of physical activity. Even spending the entire day walking around doesn't help at all. I also love watching videos of dancers and it has been making me really sad that I can't dance myself just because I have nowhere to go. I haven't been feeling like myself lately.

I'm not feeling very good today, so here are some videos of dancers I've been in love with lately so that I can stop spreading my emo-ness all over my blog.

Les Twins: French brothers known for New Style Hip-Hop.

ReQuest Crew: All-female crew from New Zealand. They are fierce and amazing and I love them!

The Crew: from the Philippines. They're crazy in-sync while still doing intense moves, that takes hard work!

Wait for the guy in red who comes in half way through the video. The way he moves is amazing, it's the way that I just stare at and have no idea how people can move that way. His footwork is crazy.

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