Thursday, October 3, 2013

Busan Off Shots

These are a mixture of pictures that other people took, with pictures that I took on my tablet, while in Busan. I'm going to leave comments instead of writing about it up here, so read under each picture! :)

Waiting to get on the KTX Bullet Train!

In front of the train, we look like such tourists when we're all together :P

I didn't even know our director took this picture! I was really out of it...

In front of the train terminal!

In front of the fountain!

Making our way down to the pebble beach!

On the ferry ride :)

At the temple! I'm always covered by my camera...

At the cliff walk, looking out over the scene!

Where we were standing is where the world's representatives stand during conferences in Korea. There was even a picture of the representatives and plates at our feet telling us where each country stands. 

Cute sculpture! 
At the temple, this is my zodiac animal!


  1. You look so much like Alyssa in these pictures! haha, I know that's a weird thing to say, but it really struck me that you guys look very similar sometimes. I think it's the long hair that's doing it :)

    1. I agree!!! I have to say, you look gorgeous ;) :P