Wednesday, October 2, 2013

BUSAN Excursion Pt. 4

I've finally completed editing my pictures and let me tell you, it was a longer process than I ever wanted. I sometimes curse at myself for taking so many pictures, but I know I would regret it if I didn't! However, we've gotten here together, me and you, and It feels good to finally be done!

On the second half of the day on the 29th, the group visited one of the most popular beaches in all of Korea. This beach is in the Guinness World Record book for having the largest number of beach umbrellas during it's peak time in Summer. Though there wasn't even one umbrella out on the day we went, the beach was still gorgeous and the weather was humid, but not unbearable! I especially loved the cliff walk that a few of us took with our directors, since it had some really wonderful views of the beach and city.

Also, today is my mother's birthday and I just want to tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I miss her a lot and am sad that I can't be with her to give her a big hug, but she's currently enjoying Vermont with my dad, so I'm sure she's relaxing and happy :) I love you mom!!!

Walking through the quiet beach town, I saw a variety of odd sea creatures I've never seen before. I have no idea what this is... but people eat it! If anyone knows what this is, let me know in the comments because I'm so curious! 

I love that Busan is surrounded by mountains, but it is on the beach, and there is a huge city life! It's pretty much the perfect place to live. 

Side dishes... many kimchi dishes and some sweet peppers with raisins. 

We (me and two other girls) ordered a seafood pancake that was extremely similar to the one I ate at the Hanok Folk Village, though this one had much less green onion! It was really delicious and was happy to have another go at it :)

I was really hungry, so I also ordered a beef stew, which ended up being seriously delicious! 


They made poor Jacob into a pregnant female... though he didn't seem too upset about it other than saying he was really hot under the sand! :)

Well, I guess that will be it for my dslr pictures from this trip! The next post will include the pictures from my tablet and pictures I ripped off of the other people that went on the trip with me! Hope you enjoyed my Busan trip! :)

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