Tuesday, October 1, 2013

BUSAN Excursion Pt. 3

On the second day of our Busan trip, we visited a temple that is very famous throughout the area! I have never been to a temple, so it was more exciting for me than for some of the other people who have been to temples in Seoul. The area was gorgeous since the entire temple was built on a cliff facing the ocean! The day we went was incredibly humid and the area was packed, making it a bit difficult to not get people awkwardly in the corners of my pictures. However, I really enjoyed being there and would love to go see other temples in the future! I have this odd fascination for stone sculptures like the ones I took pictures of below, so I had a really wonderful time trying to find them among the thick bushes and photograph them!

I'm probably going to have one more post from the Busan trip and then possibly a last add-on of the pictures I took on my tablet, but those are mostly of me since I was trying to actually take pictures of myself so you can believe that I was there :)

Side Note: Don't ask me why there are swastikas everywhere, because I don't know. It seemed really odd and there are more pictures I left out of this post with buildings covered in the sign. I'm sure there's a story behind it, but it was not told to me.

The main temple building. They were conducting prayers inside (which you can see farther down). 

These stone structures were littered everywhere, most of them were for good grades, but others were for good health and wealth. 

The next few pictures were taken up on the railing that you see in this picture. To get there, you have to climb up a steep set of stone stairs that looked unsafe for the elderly and was slightly worried when I saw some people attempting to get up there. 

The view from on top the railing. When I took the picture from down below, I was standing on the red brick platform you can see in this picture. 

There was a mysterious hole in the ground that everyone was disappearing into, so a few of us went down into it to find an underground prayer area. There were many candles lit (and being lit) while sitting in water, which made for a really private scene. The inside was small and ridiculously hot, but it was really pretty with the burning lights. 

I'm skipping back to the very first picture now... this is the outside of the main temple, adorned with ornate carvings and sculptures. 

The inside of the main temple. I was going to go inside, but people were praying and I didn't want to be more rude than I probably already appeared by taking pictures from the outside. 

A GIANT Buddha, you can't accurately tell the size in this picture, but I can tell you that it was enormous! He was glowing and happy, which surprisingly made me feel good while being around the statue. 

The outskirts of the temple. 

Can you recognize the temple layout now? The main temple is to the right and the railed-in view is in the center. The glowing Buddha is right next to the main temple to the left, which you can't see in this picture. We crossed the bridge to get over to a smaller area that housed another statue (below).

These guys were hanging out outside the entrance of the temple and before I even got out of the bus, I knew I had to take a picture with them! If my family had a family crest, it would be the down-turned frown of a mouth. haha, okay, that's an exaggeration... but we all make this face a lot at each other :) 


  1. These pictures are amazing, Busan looks so cool!! Love all three posts :) The swastika was actually originally a sign of peace and harmony in Hinduism, just like the ohm; but the Nazi's took it and used it as their symbol. Up until Hitler, it was the opposite of what we see it as!

    1. Wow, that's crazy, I never knew that! Thanks for sharing, I love to learn odd facts like that :) I can't believe it had such a different meaning before!