Friday, October 18, 2013

Bukchon Hanok Village

"What's this?" You say, "Stephanie already posted a two-part post of the Hanok Village, what else could she possibly say?" But oh, are you in for a treat since there are an incredible number of different Hanok Villages around Korea!

This particular Folk Village is located around Samcheongdong-gil, that road runs right along through the village, which I didn't realize when I first went since I was short on time. Now that I went again, I focused less on the area I had already been in and walked around the other side of the street, which was more traditional. The traditional Korean architecture is so gorgeous and to see an entire village made in the style was amazing! Many of the interiors are updated into a sleek modern look, which I find all-the-more intriguing! A few dramas have been filmed around here. Winter Sonata is a big one (that I haven't actually seen) and Personal Preference (which is one of my top 3 dramas!) was also filmed partially in this area. Though, I couldn't find where they filmed Personal Preference, but it was really cool to see the area anyway! There were so many hills and steps, my feet were killing me by the end of the 4 hours I spent there, but it was a beautiful day complete with sun and birds chirping! Since I went today, on a Friday, there weren't an incredible amount of people, which made it a peaceful stroll. However, there were many middle school's on field trips. Three young girls came up to me and asked if they could interview me in English for a project, which was adorable and they were surprisingly really good at English for their age! Another two girls came up to me and asked to take a picture with me. I still find it humorous when it happens, I feel like a celebrity haha :P I wonder what they end up doing with those photos...

So, I took roughly 200 pictures, but have decided to share a little less than 50. That's a lot of pictures for one post, but I didn't feel like splitting it up, so it you can't get through them just go get a cup of coffee and come back later! Be sure to read the captions as well!

ALSO, I finally got my alien registration card today! I am officially KOREAN! Okay, maybe not, but they're letting me stay for awhile! :D

There were so many traditional stores and art galleries interspersed with modern clothing shops, it made for interesting window shopping! 

I ended up buying a coat from here!

I think this was in Winter Sonata? Maybe... lots of people were taking pictures in front of it. 

SO, I KNOW the black looks stupid, but I don't know if it's legal to show numbers on licence plates... I never thought about it until now and I'm not sure how to take care of it. 

Hello :D

I LOVE all the shadows that were being made by the plants and objects today! If anything, make sure to pay attention to the light in my pictures in this post, I specifically was looking at shadows today! 

I climbed so many hills to get to this spot! 

The street you see down there is Samcheongdong-gil!

I never found the other end...

Hello again! :)

Detail of someone's door. 

Mr. Kitty! I kept calling to him, but he disappeared around the corner. He probably doesn't know English. 

So after my long walk, I was hungry and thirsty, and stopped in the local convenience store. I love pocky and just as much, I love Korea's version of the Japanese snack, called Pepero. However, I didn't realize they had so many flavors until I saw someone carrying them around and immediately searched the racks of food. They were both delicious! I'm definitely getting these again instead of their overpriced cousin! 

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