Sunday, September 1, 2013

South Korea - Day 5

I've finally bought an adapter for my laptop, which means I can start taking pictures with my DSLR and actually posting more often. However, I have a few days of updates which I will post here before I can actually begin to post other stuff. Also, my classes begin on Monday (tomorrow), so I will be a bit busy trying to get acquainted with my classrooms, etc. and less busy taking pictures and walking around.

Since my laptop hasn't been in use, I've been using my tablet as my primary source of everything (camera, skypeing, web surfing) which has actually been good while walking around with my ISA group, since I've been forced to "live in the moment" instead of always trying to capture the moment. Since I'm here for roughly 4 months, I figure I'll have enough time to go back to all the places we've visited as a group and take better pictures later.

Anyway, these pictures are from yesterday, August 31st. My ISA group went to a bunch of different places since we were given a "tour of Seoul". Unfortunately, we only got to see a few places since we had to be back at school for a dorm orientation, but we walked a lot and got to see some really cool things!

First we all went to Namsan Tower:

L-R: Laura, Katie, Jacob, Krista, Kelsey, Kelly

Me, Chris was nice enough to offer to take a pic of me!
Sarah made a friend :)



Walking around in Myeong-dong

Must go back and try these!

This is for Sam, since she introduced me to this :)

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