Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rainy Days

The past few days have been rainy ones, which gives me a multitude of excuses for my slightly crappy mood. Ok, I'm in Korea, so there are no excuses for how I've been feeling lately; however, I'm trying to not let myself be consumed by my worries. There's just something about not seeing the sun for a few days that really makes my mood drop. It's like my mind is directly connected to the weather.

Anyway, not having classes on Fridays means I get a head start to my weekend, which for me means I'm making plans on visiting somewhere new! Possibly a historic town... and then on Saturday (as long as the rain can stop by then) there are plans to go hiking! Since it's been raining, I haven't been taking pictures; but rain or sunshine on Friday and Saturday, I'm going to go out and snap some shots!

Random observation: In America, when it rains we will leave our umbrellas folded up outside our rooms as not to get our floors wet. However in Korea, everyone leaves their umbrella's completely open. When you think about it, that makes much more sense, since the water will actually slip off of it. But, walking through the hallways, you have to dodge open umbrellas! For some reason this is a really odd-looking thing to me, even though it's not that different from what I'm used to. The picture below doesn't do the size of hall-to-umbrella ratio justice.

(Tablet pictures)
Cafe! They have delicious, large muffins that they warm up for you. SO GOOD.

So many umbrellas.

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