Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mini Post/Rant

Ok, so I don't like to rant on my blog because I like to keep it a place for my pictures and happy things. However, I just want to make a quick point for no one in general and everyone at the same time.

Not all introverted people are antisocial. Therefore, people who are not introverted should stop telling people who are introverted to stop being antisocial.

The definition of being anti social is:
Not wanting the company of others, shunning society, antagonistic towards others, hostile or disruptive of the established social order. 

The definition of an introvert is:
A shy person; a person concerned primarily with inner thoughts and feelings rather than with the physical or social environment. 

As you can clearly see, an introverted person is simply someone who is shy and sometimes gets lost within their thoughts and will forget about being social with other people. It IS NOT that we don't want to be around other people, NOR is it that we dislike other people. Introverts just enjoy being by themselves, while extroverts find it more appealing to always be around others. We (meaning me as a fellow introvert) enjoy being around people and want to be around them, but sometimes we would rather walk around alone instead of with a group of other people. 

In conclusion, I wish everyone in the world would learn this very important difference so that extroverts would stop making introverts feel like crap about themselves. 

Ok. I needed to get that out. :)

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